Columbus Mold Cleaner For Leather


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    Columbus Mold Cleaner For Leather

    Capacity: 100ml

    Origin: Japan

    ◆ It can destroy the mold structure on the leather, penetrate into the material to achieve the anti-mold effect, and extend the life of leather products.

    ◆ Food fatty acids are used as antibacterial ingredients, so it can be used with peace of mind.

    ◆ Suitable for general leather and smooth leather (example: suede, etc.). Some leathers have a sensitive discoloration effect due to the production process. For this type of leather, it is recommended to try it in an unobvious place before using it for the first time, confirm that there are no stains, and then use it in a large area.


    1. Please put the leather in a cool place to dry before use (if you are allergic to mold, please wear a mask and gloves before working).

    2. Gently push the white button UNLOCK forward to release the latch.

    3. Sprinkle this product on the cloth and wipe the mold-growing part. If the moldy area is large, you can wipe it with the reverse side of the cloth. Please put the cleaned soft cloth in a plastic bag before throwing it away.

    4. At a position 10cm away from the shoe surface, before spraying on the moldy part, put newspapers under the leather to prevent the solvent from dripping on the floor.

    5. Place the leather in a cool, ventilated place to dry (the fragrance of this product will escape over time).

    6. After drying, apply leather oil to the leather for maintenance; for polished leather (suede, etc.), please use a brush to finish the surface texture.

    ※ Precautions:

    ◆ This product cannot completely remove the mold and other stains that penetrate deep into the fiber.

    ◆ Test on the leather where it is not obvious before use to avoid abnormalities such as spots after use.

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