Our Story

Only Leather Tannery in Hong Kong

A young company rooted in over 3 decades of history.  

Shui Hing Tannery is a long-established leather manufacturing factory in Hong Kong, and is the remaining leather factory in Hong Kong. It was founded in the early 1980s, at a time when high-quality leather products or semi-finished products could be produced locally in Hong Kong.

However, as Hong Kong's economy transformed, many leather factories began to transform or relocate. Shui Hing Tannery has consistently adhered to professional leather-making processes and continued production operations in Hong Kong, always pursuing quality and inheriting traditional leather-making techniques. 

In 2015, the company established its subsidiary, The Lederer, which specializes in the manufacturing and sales of high-end leather products. The Lederer also actively promotes the culture and technology of leather-making, providing products and services such as custom made hand-sew products, leather tools, high quality leathers, tutorials, workshops, and DIY leather stitching packs for enthusiasts, making further contributions to Hong Kong's leather culture.

The Lederer still adheres to traditional techniques and continues to innovate, while also providing leather enthusiasts and consumers with more diversified choices and experiences.

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Our Philosophy

“Lederer” is an English noun that means Leather Maker.

The Lederer aims to provide quality goods and professional advice on leather materials and craftsmanship, as well as to take care of the needs of our customers. The teaching workshops we offer also give DIY leather lovers a chance to engage with their hobby and develop their talents.

Made by You

Our biggest goal is to share our passion for leather goods and craftsmanship to more people,  providing great products and unique experiences, while guarding the tradition of leather making.

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Leather Crafter Spot

Welcome to join us at our Sham Shui Po Stores,

We have different kinds of leathers and all the tools you need. You may also customise your own leather accessories from piece of leather to embossing!