Mink Oil Liquid


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    Mink Oil Liquid

    Net weight: 65ml

    Ingredients: pure natural animal oils

    Origin: Japan

    ◆ Liquid animal grease, suitable for all smooth leather leather products; not suitable for suede, fur, suede, suede and coated leather with too much paint.

    ◆ Pure natural animal oils and fats are refined, no chemical substances irritating and harming leather, natural and environmentally friendly.

    ◆ It can be absorbed through the pores of the leather to achieve the effect of moisturizing and maintenance. After use, the leather surface will have a shiny luster.

    ◆ Transparent and colorless, suitable for leather of any color.

    ◆ Replenishing color, moisturizing, restoring original color and brightness, repairing crease lines.


    1. Before wiping the mink oil, clean the dirty surface of the leather (the leather should be kept dry during use).

    2. Dip a small amount of mink oil with a clean soft cloth, and gently wipe it on the leather surface (due to the high purity of mink oil, it does not need too much for a single dip).

    3. After wiping, please put it in a well-ventilated place and wait for it to dry.

    4. Before use, please test whether it is applicable on the place where the leather product is not obvious.

    5. Keep it out of reach of children.

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