Columbus Leather Mold Cleaner Leather Cleaning


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    Product: Columbus Leather Mold Cleaner Leather Cleaning

    Volume: 100 ml

    Description: In environments with temperatures above 15°C and humidity over 75%, leather is prone to mold. The Columbus Leather Mold Cleaner effectively destroys mold structures on leather, penetrating the material for mold prevention and extending the life of your leather shoes, bags, and other leather products. Its antibacterial components, made from food-grade fatty acids, are safe and reliable.

    How to Use This Product:

    1. Suitable for general leather and napped leather (such as suede). Not suitable for vegetable-tanned, untreated, or reptile leathers.
    2. Before use, air-dry the leather in a cool place. Wear a mask and gloves if allergic to mold.
    3. Unlock the spray head, spray the product onto a cloth, and wipe the molded areas. Use the other side of the cloth for larger areas and discard the used cloth in a plastic bag.
    4. Spray the product about 10 cm from the leather surface, placing newspaper underneath to avoid drips.
    5. After spraying, let the leather air-dry in a cool, ventilated place.
    6. Once air-dried, apply leather oil for maintenance. For napped leather (like suede), use a brush to arrange the surface texture.

    Regular Maintenance:

    • Please note that this product may not completely remove mold or stains that have penetrated deeply into fibers.
    • Due to varying leather materials and levels of dirtiness, stains may not be completely removable after use.
    • It's recommended to test the product on an inconspicuous area first to avoid spots or other anomalies after use.
    • Leather might remold in humid environments; pay attention to storage conditions.

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