Columbus AMEDAS outdoor insect repellent waterproof spray


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    Product: Columbus AMEDAS outdoor insect repellent waterproof spray

    Volume: 320 ml


    The Outdoor Bug-Repellent Waterproof Spray is a multifunctional protective product designed for various leathers, suede, fabrics, and synthetic leather products. This spray not only effectively isolates water and oil stains, forming a long-lasting protective film, but also features a bug-repellent function, keeping your outdoor gear dry and free from insect invasions in various environments. After using this product, your items will gain extra durability and protection, extending their lifespan and maintaining their appearance.

    How to Use This Product:

    • Use a cloth or cleaner to remove dust and stains from the leather, and shake the bug-repellent waterproof spray well.
    • Hold the spray about 20cm – 25cm away from the leather, and spray evenly to slightly wet the entire surface, forming a protective layer.
    • Wait about 15 minutes for the spray to dry completely to achieve waterproof, oilproof, and bug-repellent effects.

    Regular Maintenance:

    • It is recommended to use the bug-repellent waterproof spray before each important use or regularly to ensure the leather products maintain optimal protection.
    • Before use, check if the leather surface is clean to ensure the spray covers evenly and performs at its best.
    • Avoid storing the spray in extreme temperatures or humid environments to maintain its quality.

    Choose the Outdoor Bug-Repellent Waterproof Spray to provide long-lasting and reliable protection for your beloved leather products, keeping them looking new in various environments and free from insect invasions.

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