Columbus Suede Brush Type B Leather Supplies


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    Product: Columbus Suede Brush Type B Leather Supplies

    Description: The Columbus Suede Brush Type B is a professional brush designed specifically for suede and other napped leather products. This brush, with its specially designed bristles, effectively cleans the surface of suede, removing dust and light dirt without damaging the delicate suede fibers. It is suitable for the daily cleaning and maintenance of various suede products such as shoes, bags, and clothing.

    How to Use:

    1. Ensure the suede surface is dry and free of significant stains before use.
    2. Gently brush the suede surface to remove dust and light dirt.
    3. For stubborn dirt, increase the brushing pressure gently, but be careful not to apply too much force to avoid damaging the suede.
    4. After using a suede-specific cleaning product, use the suede brush to help distribute the cleaner and enhance the cleaning effect.

    Regular Maintenance:

    • Regularly clean the suede brush to maintain its cleanliness and effectiveness, removing accumulated dust and dirt from the bristles.
    • After cleaning, allow the suede brush to air dry in a ventilated area. Do not wash with water.
    • Regularly check the condition of the bristles and handle to ensure the brush's stability and durability during use.

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