Craft Sewing Needle -5 in a pack

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Craft Hand Sewing Needles

The Craft Hand Sewing Needles offer a versatile range of options to suit all your hand sewing needs, from delicate embroidery to heavy-duty stitching. Each needle is designed with precision and durability in mind, ensuring smooth and efficient sewing experiences across various fabric types. There are 5 needles in a pack.

Available Options:

  • Extra Fine
    • Needle Thickness: 0.76mm
    • Needle Length: 54.5mm
    • Ideal for: Detailed work on fine fabrics, embroidery, lacework, and intricate stitching patterns.
  • Fine
    • Needle Thickness: 1.06mm
    • Needle Length: 49.23mm
    • Ideal for: Medium-weight fabrics and everyday sewing tasks, such as hemming, mending, and attaching buttons.
  • Thick
    • Needle Thickness: 1.07mm
    • Needle Length: 61.5mm
    • Ideal for: Thick fabrics and heavy-duty materials, such as leather, canvas, and upholstery.
  • Extra Thick
    • Needle Thickness: 1.35mm
    • Needle Length: 67.26mm
    • Ideal for: The toughest sewing projects requiring extra strength and resilience.

These needles ensure smooth and easy stitching, reducing the risk of fabric damage and ensuring a professional finish. Whether you are working on delicate garments or tackling tough materials, the Craft Hand Sewing Needles provide the right tool for the job, ensuring your projects are completed with precision and durability.

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