Fiebing's Carnauba Cream


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    Product: Fiebing's Carnauba Cream

    Volume: 118 ml

    Product Description: This blend of natural waxes is designed for use on smooth leathers only and is not recommended for use on embossed leather. It effectively resists fingerprints and scuff marks, making it an ideal choice for maintaining the appearance of your leather items. Whether you have newly dyed leather or older leather articles in need of restoration, this cream can help protect and enhance their look. Its convenient 118 ml volume ensures you have enough to tackle various leather projects, effortlessly achieving your design aspirations.

    How to Use (Product):

    1. Ensure the leather surface you intend to treat is clean and dust-free.

    2. Apply Fiebing's Carnauba Cream evenly to the leather surface using a clean cloth or sponge.

    3. Buff with a cloth to achieve the desired shine and protection.

    4. It can be reapplied to maintain the leather's appearance.

    Product Care Tips:

    - After use, be sure to tightly seal the container to prevent evaporation and maintain product quality.

    - Store the product in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and heat sources, to prolong its shelf life.

    For a demonstration of how to use Fiebing's Carnauba Cream, you can watch this tutorial video: Fiebing's Carnauba Cream Tutorial Video

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