Fiebing’s Wool Dauber

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Product: Fiebing's Wool Dauber

Description: Fiebing's Wool Dauber is an essential tool for applying dyes and stains to leather surfaces. Designed for precision and ease of use, these daubers ensure a smooth and even application of leather dyes and stains, making them ideal for various leather crafting projects.

How to Use This Product:

  1. Dip the wool dauber into the leather dye or stain of your choice. Ensure that it absorbs enough product for your application.
  2. Gently apply the dye or stain to the leather surface using the dauber. Use even strokes to cover the desired area.
  3. If applying multiple layers or colors, allow each layer to dry completely before applying the next.
  4. For detailed work, use the tip of the dauber to reach small areas or create specific patterns.

Regular Maintenance:

  • After use, clean the wool dauber with an appropriate cleaner, depending on the type of dye or stain used. For water-based products, use water; for oil-based products, use a suitable solvent.
  • Rinse the dauber thoroughly to remove all residues of dye or stain and any cleaning solution.
  • Squeeze out excess liquid and allow the dauber to air dry completely before storing.
  • Replace the wool dauber if it becomes frayed, excessively stained, or otherwise damaged to ensure the best application results.

Fiebing's Wool Dauber is a reliable and efficient tool for all your leather dyeing and staining needs, providing consistent results and easy application.

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